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Instructions for float glass slumping



The new unused ceramic slumping moulds are dried in advance ат 60°C for 120 minutes.
To avoid glass sticking, the surface of the mould is covered with a thin layer of some kind ot separator
(fusing engobe, kiln shelfe, etc.)
Then the mould has to be dried at 60°C for 30 minutes.
Note: Before reapplying with new separator, the old one must be wiped by a wet towel.
Firing program for a slumping of 4 mm glass
1. to 510°C - 200 minutes
2. 510°C to 760°C (max. 780°C) - 0 minutes
3. Hold at 760°C (max. 780°C) - 3-6 minutes
4. Cool down 760°C to 520°C - 0 minutes
5. Hold at 520°C - 30 minutes (up to 45 minutes for more complicated forms)
6. Cool down 520°C to 460°C - 60 minutes
7. Kiln is swithched off and let to cool down naturaly to room temperature
Note: "0 minutes" means as fast as possible
All above mentioned numbers are reffered for a glass with thickness of 4 mm.If the glass sheet is thinner
or thicker, you must change the TIMES, not the TEMPERATURE

Example: If the glass sheet is 2 mm - heat up to 520°C is 100 minutes, etc.
Example: If the glass sheet is 6 mm - heat up to 520°C is 300 minutes, etc.
Example: If the glass sheet is 8 mm - heat up to 520°C is 400 minutes, etc.
Make sure the kiln has cooled completely before opening!
The above slumping program is INDICATIVE and it is not a guarantee for perfect results!!!