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Glazura Ltd. is a family company created in 2000. It is speacialized in the sale of materials, products and equipment used mainly in production of ceramics, porcelain and art glass. The company is located in Troyan, Bulgaria.
Several years ago we also started our own production of ceramics.

Glazura Ltd. works with the following well know companies:

    Glazura s.r.o. (Czech republic) - lead-free frits, transparent, opaque, coloured and effect art glazes.

    INCO industria colori s.r.l. (Italy) - ceramic pigments for glazes, engobes and bodies, liquid lustres and screen printing pastes for second and third firing.
    REFSAN (Turkey) - machines and equipment: potter's wheels, clay extruders, slab rollers, filter presses and furnaces.

    LAC s.r.o. (Czech Republic) - furnaces for ceramics: laboratory, hobby, industrial - chamber, tunnel, bogie heath kilns, etc.

    Nabertherm (Germany) - electric and gas funaces for ceramics and glass.
    CERAMICA COLLET S.A. (Spain) - natural and coloured self-hardening clay without firing (air clay) PLUS и COLORPLUS. Acrylic paints. Tools for ceramics and glass, slumping moulds, liquid gold and platinum. NEW!!!

    Effetre Murano (Italy) - full range of coloured art glass for fusing, tiffany and vitrages. NEW!!!

    Terracolor (Germany) - high quality raku, crackle and coloured effect art glazes for 1020-1080°С and for 1200-1280°С.

    MORGAN THERMAL CERAMICS - worldwide leader in in the field of refractory lightweight insulating bricks and concretes for up to 1800°С; reafractory insulating blankets, boards, modules from ceramic fibres for up to 1600°С.

Address: Bulgaria
Troyan 5600
109 General Kartsov
+359 670 64016
+359 888 604 108

Working hours:
8:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 16:30 (15:00 Friday)
Days off:
Saturday and Sunday